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==== Ready Mix Concrete ====

SHAWAHIQ TAYBA is a leading producer and supplier of ready mix concrete and aggregates. SHAWAHIQ TAYBA was established as a result of extensive research based on the market demand for cement related products in the KSA – Al Medina Al Munawarah.

SHAWAHIQ TAYBA has grown into one of the largest ready mix producers in the Saudi Arabia. SHAWAHIQ TAYBA caters to a wide variety of applications that include residential, commercial and industrial construction. Equipped with sophisticated laboratories and extensive logistic network, SHAWAHIQ TAYBA offers multipurpose solutions to their clients in the construction industry. With a large fleet of mixers and state-of-the-art full computerized batching plants, the company has maintained its leadership position and attained landmark projects in the region.

SHAWAHIQ TAYBA is empowered with more than 150 professionally trained personnel’s from varied nationalities. SHAWAHIQ TAYBA employees work with an unwavering commitment to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and ensure timely delivery of materials in remote areas, if the need arises. SHAWAHIQ TAYBA is proud to be ISO certified.

For SHAWAHIQ TAYBA, concrete is much more than a mix of cement, sand, gravel and water. We consider it more as a multipurpose solution that brings us closer to our customers on countless levels, and help them meet their project requirements. Since its establishment, SHAWAHIQ TAYBA has not only emphasized on high quality products, in compliance with international standards but also employed the most advanced mixing technology in the ready mix sector.

SHAWAHIQ TAYBA’s forte lies in their reputation for unmatched accuracy along with superior consistency, offering customers the most efficient and comprehensive cement related products.


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