1. Organizing appointments, preparing notes, conducting correspondence, attending meetings, editing minutes, and preparing and submitting work reports.

2. Preparing periodic notes related to the work of the internal organizational units, conducting regular correspondence with external parties and having them signed by the chief manager and distributed.

3. Organizing and attending meetings and recording and editing minutes of meetings.

4. Keeping documents and files related to the company and the work team.

5. Preparing, submitting, documenting and keeping work reports

6. Searching for tenders digitally and submitting them to the company’s system for the work team, following up and implementing the processes of preparing tenders, participating in the committees for opening envelopes and examining offers, studying and analyzing tenders to ensure that they are prepared in a professional manner, and announcing tenders by available means.

7. Follow-up and implement the processes of preparing tenders and fetching prices from suppliers in coordination with the company’s team, collecting, reviewing, discussing and rephrasing data, ascertaining the contents and their compliance with the statutory conditions, policies, procedures and approved legal clauses.

8. Announcing tenders, identifying the target entities, following up the processes, ensuring that the entities receive these tenders, and receiving offers.

9. Preparing specialized documents and reports related to tenders, reasons for profit and loss, analyzing prices, providing appropriate recommendations and appropriate solutions, displaying, clarifying and keeping them in its own database.

10 . Follow up the work team and update the company’s system based on the operating meetings with the work team.

11 . Designing quality management manuals and models, applying quality standards and specifications, studying the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of services, developing quality audit systems and procedures, preparing specialized documents and reports related to quality, displaying and archiving.

12 . Studying, analyzing, preparing and designing quality management manuals and models, defining and developing specifications, standards and indicators for various processes and outputs.

13 . Effective contribution to the development of quality standards and specifications required for the various initiatives, programs and outputs under development in accordance with the established action plans.

14 . Preparing and developing a questionnaire to measure the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of services, processes and procedures prepared, and documenting and analyzing their improvement recommendations in this field.

15 . Develop quality audit systems, procedures and models, participate in setting periodic and annual audit plans, and implement quality control and audit processes in an integrated and accurate manner.

16 . Preparing specialized documents and reports related to quality, providing appropriate recommendations and appropriate solutions, and presenting them.

clarified and saved in its own database in accordance with approved policies and procedures.

17. Preparing records and item cards, entering data related to types, their names, quantities received and disbursed, monitoring the demand limit for materials and commodities, inventory inventory and comparing results with cards and records, preparing and submitting work reports

18. Preparing records and item cards for each of the items of goods and stocked materials

19 . Entering data related to materials and goods received and disbursed (inputs and outputs)

20 . Participate in determining the order limit for materials and commodities, and notify the concerned parties to prepare purchase orders, and follow up and monitor the expiry date.

21 . Participate in inventory counting and matching quantities with records and cards

22 . Preparing, submitting, documenting and archiving work reports

23 . Receiving the various materials that come to the warehouse, matching their quantities and specifications, and storing them according to their nature, in a manner that ensures their preservation in accordance with the organizing policies and procedures.

24 . Determine the tools, supplies, devices and equipment necessary for the proper functioning of work and secure them in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organization.

25 . Preparing notes for the receipt of equipment and technical devices by the specialized companies.

26 . Processing and disbursing orders received from customers and the work team in the regions according to the regular documents, and working on preparing and shipping goods to them at the specified time and following them up with shipping companies.

27. Preparing, submitting, documenting and archiving work reports.

28 . Follow-up the quantities entering and leaving warehouses, inventory control, and follow-up issuance of delivery permissions for branches and units.

29 . Matching incoming shipments in terms of quantities and specifications with the lists, identifying deficiencies, and ensuring that the received materials comply with the terms of supply.

30. Preparing storage places and organizing warehouses to facilitate exchange and receiving operations, and developing work procedures and methods using modern technologies.

31. Preparing, displaying, clarifying and keeping specialized documents and reports related to warehouses in its own database in accordance with approved policies and procedures.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-01-10
Job Location: Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Administration
Company Industry: Medical & Healthcare Equipment
Monthly Salary: US $1,500

Preferred Candidate

Gender: Male
Nationality: India; Kyrgyzstan; Kazakhstan; Pakistan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan


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