The Area Managers role is largely a coaching role that focuses on developing, supporting, encouraging and improving the teams in the stores that interact with the paying customers. It is also a policing role that measures and monitors all safety and brand food and service standards and company policy adherence and implementation. He / she must be able to explain, implement and delegate senior management decisions with intelligence and provide feedback from the front-line time to peer groups and seniors. The Area Manager is accountable for all aspects of store operations, sales and profitability.

• Leads team with fairness and honesty in a positive, friendly and “can do” culture.

• Treats the staff welfare, e.g. housing, transportation, pay, social environment as a priority.

• Looks to catch people doing things right rather than doing things wrong.

• Provides feedback on performance directly to the team frequently on an informal basis and formally in line with HR policy.

• Ensures that all stores are sufficiently managed to meet profitable business needs and that staff schedules are optimal for the business.

• Develops subordinates to the maximum of their ability to grow the next generation of leaders.

• With direct reports, identifies and supports and helps develop high performing team members, supervisors and assistant managers.

• Provides feedback and recommendations to line manager and, where appropriate, HR on both star performers and under performers / problem employees.

• Leads the team in a results-oriented culture of excellence.

• Develops directly and / or organises training for the store management team, to make sure their management and leadership skills are continually improving.

• Ensures all stores have a safe working environment in terms of the Food safety and Health and Safety laws and policies of the country, company and brand.

• Has regular (at least monthly) management team meetings to recognise and reward great performance, share upcoming activities and listen to feedback.

• Is accessible to the levels below his / her direct reports during store visits and (at least) quarterly all team meetings.

• With HR manager, advises store managers on employee disciplinary matters.

• Leads by example in terms of leadership, appearance, language and attitude. Needs to maintain a degree of distance in relationships with the subordinates in order to make unbiased assessments of them.


• Treats every customer with politeness and courtesy and ensures the team do the same.

• Makes a habit of talking to some customers on each store visit in order to get both direct feedback from them and to set an example.

• Rigorously enforces a culture of “customer first”.

• Provides support and direction where required for the store manager for dealing with customer complaints in a manner that is fair to the customer and the company.

• Always responds to written customer comments / complaints within 24 hours.


• Through monthly store audits and informal inspections, ensures that the stores are all in sparkling clean and safe condition and that all brand signage requirements are met.

• Ensures that all promotional materials are displayed neatly and in the correct location.


• Identifies opportunities to promote the sales for the store and takes appropriate action in line with agreed scope of authority. e.g. free samples

• Advises marketing manager of potential opportunities to grow sale in their area that would benefit from their support.

• Fully supports promotions organised by the marketing manager, including where appropriate, running staff incentive schemes.


• Ensures teams are trained on profitable upselling and recognises top performers during store visits and team meetings.

• Ensures that CoS is within 0.25% of ideal cost. Conducts spot checks on stock to verify accurate CoS reporting.

• Ensures that labour cost is controlled to within agreed number of minutes of labour per guest served. Where required, approves store schedules in advance of posting.

• Reviews and takes necessary action to improve all cost lines down to Restaurant Operating Profit level. Has accountability for achieving ROP across his / her area.

• Tightly manages cash control and banks money as per company policy by conducting spot checks on EPOS system. Discusses any concerns with finance manager / audit department. , May approve deductions from staff for careless behaviour with cash, but only when fully justified and not as a standard practise.


• Provides input where requested on quarterly planning cycles.

• Participates in area managers meetings with the director of operations.

• Does not speak to journalists without approval from a director.

• Maintains good relationships with mall managers.

• Maintains good relationship with all the support centre team.


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