Responsible to plan, organize, manage, control, and coordinate the work operational activities and resources deployed on projects involving heavy lift consignment movements / erections (planning and execution) of Logistics Heavy Transportation for the Eastern, Western and Central regions within the given timelines and condition.

Responsible to initiate the subcontracting (in the Eastern, Western and Central regions) for value added services like customs clearance, general cargo movement and specialized movement.

Fully responsible to train his teams to enhance the skills, carry out the safety awareness programs to ensure the smooth work flow and develop harmony & peace in among the team.

Ensures laid down objectives for operations department in accordance with the overall delivery standards efficiency and cost.
Ensures the targets set in terms of customer satisfaction, on-time performance, accident/claim frequency/severity, SLAs and utilization of resources for projects of Logistics Heavy Transportation in the Eastern, Western and Central regions are achieved or exceeded within the budget and on time.
 Manages all process related to project planning/execution (as per contract), which includes understanding the specifications of the contract / expectations of the client, allocation of adequate resources required for the project execution, establishing procedures for monitoring and setting the timelines for execution.
 Monitors Service Level Agreements with operations for value added services like customs clearance, general cargo movement and specialized movement and maintenance
 Contributes to the bid management process by giving realistic estimates of activity / elapsed time, resources (equipment, vehicles, personnel) and any material requirements.
 Manages the project planning process and ensures that the project planning team has accurate understanding of the project assignment.
 Monitors the progress of the project by tracking it against the schedule on all relevant parameters such as route planning/inspection, arrival of consignment at port, safety records, clearances from relevant government authorities etc..
 Ensures adherence to safety standards and coordinates with Quality Control and Safety functions.
Supports the selection of IT systems for Logistics Heavy Transportation to enhance its capability of operations and integration of diverse functions and processes. Also, allocates resources to support the implementation of the same.
Implements specific performance standards for operations department in such key areas as on-time delivery, customer service, SLA, % overrun against SLA, asset maintenance and cost reduction; evaluates performance against these standards; coaches and assists the operations personnel in improving their performance.
Ensures that proper procedures are in place for project management and on-time delivery of the shipments as per specification takes place.
 Monitors processes relating to the proper maintenance of assets to ensure (a) preventive maintenance is carried out regularly to reduce breakdown downtime and (b) break down maintenance of equipment / vehicles are carried out speedily.

Maintains requisite quality and coordinates availability, maintenance and utilization of cargo/fleet.
Manages resources within the regions, materials / machinery to achieve optimal utilization.
 Ensures invoicing on time to customers upon complete job accomplishment.
Ensures that personnel in the operations department are of adequate numbers and competency to meet the planned production schedules.
Follows procedures of reporting on performance, budgets and other reports required from time to time to the General Manager.
 Ensure to have well update by the fleet superintendent about asset availability and utilization.


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