Job Description


To deliver efficient and effective IT and Telecommunications IT/TC services, contributing to sound, innovative solutions that enable WFP in Jordan to deliver food assistance to beneficiaries, in line with WFP’s strategy. 

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

  1. Explore and pursue technological innovations integral to the delivery of CSP activities and the achievement of its outcomes. Engage with Heads of Units to understand and ensure alignment of digital solutions with changing business requirements, priorities and corporate standards.
  2. Manage risk planning, monitoring and mitigation for IT/TC solutions, services and systems including issue management to ensure effective delivery of services. Maintain engagement throughout the development, deployment and implementation processes of IT/TC, ensuring that they are informed of progress and outstanding actions.
  3. Oversee Foundational ICT Services, identifying and implementing innovative solutions for challenges faced by colleagues, ensuring the provision of an efficient operation. 
  4. Propose change and continuous operational improvement that supports business capabilities, by understanding needs and recommending solutions that deliver value for business priorities.
  5. Support coordination with Government and Partners on technical and digital activities and coordinate with other UN agencies in order to align activities and maximize possibilities of inter-agency collaboration in the field of IT/TC.
  6. Contribute to the development of plans and budgets and manage the deployment of IT/TC systems aligned with business needs, in accordance with WFP corporate standards.
  7. Monitor and maintain IT/TC systems and networks, ensuring appropriate data security and access controls considering both local and wide area network issues; and supporting users to get maximum benefits from them.
  8. Install and configure new computer hardware for improving and upgrading system performance; contribute to technology upgrades as required.
  9. Capture, analyze and document (i.e. through diagrams, flowcharts, data models, user experience designs, storyboards) business requirements for IT solutions and services following WFP policies, standards and strategies. Communicate business requirements to business counterparts, for a shared understanding of the requirements and effective implementation of strategies/plans.
  10. Contribute to technical specifications and tender documents that support the procurement of IT /TC equipment and services at minimum cost, in line with WFP rules and regulations.
  11. Collate and analyze data to contribute to the preparation of accurate reports on IT/TC activities, investments, and costs, identifying ideas to increase cost-efficiencies where possible.
  12. Facilitate and track compliance with global IT and industry standards, including but not limited to actions related to cybersecurity, infrastructure, data center procedures, and asset management.
  13. Provide advice to managers and users, understanding and resolving issues, and ensuring IT policies, procedures, systems, and tools are correctly applied to support them.
  14. Interact effectively with internal and external stakeholders and user groups to understand their needs and provide appropriate technical support.
  15. Follow standard emergency preparedness and contingency planning practices to ensure WFP is able to maintain basic IT services and/or quickly respond and deploy resources to affected areas at the onset of a crisis.
  16. Contribute to the preparation of operational plans and deliver resource requirements at the onset of an emergency. Engage with senior management at strategic and operational levels to develop Country Office-Technology Solutions Roadmap.
  17. Maintain and develop technical expertise and keep abreast with in-depth understanding of industry developments. Guide and supervise more junior staff, acting as a point of referral and supporting them with more complex analysis and queries.



Education: Advanced university degree in Computer Science or other relevant field, or First University degree with at least 5 years of relevant professional (managerial) work experience.

Experience: Minimum three years of postgraduate professional experience in a similar role with proven application of sound technical knowledge and managerial skills to manage, supervise and guide IT team.

Language: Fluency (level C) in English and Arabic languages.


•   Has coordinated and managed small or medium projects at HQ and field Office.

•   Has co-led change management procedures, activities and processes at HQ and field.

•   Has co-designed standards and protocols for service excellence within own domain or at a HQ and field Office.

•   Has successfully performed installation or testing of new hardware for improving or upgrading systems performance.

•   Has proven experience analyzing service management results and developing service enhancement recommendations.

•   Has keen ground-level experience implementing IT and telecoms systems in emergencies. (Desirable)




  • Understand and communicate the Strategic Objectives: Understands WFP’s Strategic Objectives and the link to own work objectives.
  • Be a force for positive change: Flexibly adapts individual contributions to accommodate changes in direction from supervisors and internal/external changes (such as evolving needs of beneficiaries, new requirements of partners).
  •  Make the mission inspiring to our team: Recognizes and shares with team members the ways in which individual contributions relate to WFP’s mission.
  •  Make our mission visible in everyday actions: Sets own goals in alignment with WFP’s overall operations, and is able to communicate this link to others.


  • Look for ways to strengthen people’s skills: Assesses own strengths and weaknesses to increase self-awareness, and includes these in conversations on own developmental needs.
  •  Create an inclusive culture: Participates in open dialogue, and values the diverse opinion of others, regardless of background, culture, experience, or country assignment.
  •  Be a coach & provide constructive feedback: Proactively seeks feedback and coaching to build confidence, and develop and improve individual skills.
  •  Create an “I will”/”We will” spirit: Participates in accomplishing team activities and goals in the face of challenging circumstances.


  • Encourage innovation & creative solutions: Shows willingness to explore and experiment with new ideas and approaches in own work.
  •  Focus on getting results: Consistently delivers results within individual scope of work on time, on budget and without errors.
  •  Make commitments and make good on commitments: Commits to upholding individual accountabilities and responsibilities in the face of ever-changing country or functional priorities.
  •  Be Decisive: Makes rational decisions about individual activities when faced with uncertain circumstances, including in times of ambiguity regarding information or manager direction.


  • Connect and share across WFP units: Seeks to understand and adapt to internal or cross-unit teams’ priorities and preferred working styles.
  •  Build strong external partnerships: Demonstrates ability to understand and appropriately respond to and/or escalate needs of external partners.
  •  Be politically agile & adaptable: Portrays an informed and professional demeanor toward internal and external partners and stakeholders.
  •  Be clear about the value WFP brings to partnerships: Provides operational support on analyses and assessments that quantifies and demonstrates WFP’s unique value as a partner.

Job Details

Job Location
Amman, Jordan

Company Industry
Non-profit Organization

Company Type
Non-Profit Organization

Job Role

Employment Type
Full Time Employee

Monthly Salary Range

Number of Vacancies


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