Job Description and Qualifications


The IGCC rotating-machinery scope includes a wide array of high-value equipment from major oil & gas OEM’s including: process hydrocarbon pumps (centrifugal & reciprocating). Large vertical sea-water pumps for plant cooling. Centrifugal fans & blowers. In-line multi-stage centrifugal process compressors, in split-case and barrel designs, with advanced protection systems for surge control and mechanical health. Combined-cycle power generation facility. Mechanical handling equipment for solid by-products.

Role Purpose:

The Jazan Senior Machinery Engineer will provide knowledge and experience on process rotating machinery to facilitate successful commissioning of the IGCC machinery-assets. They will function as part of the IGCC commissioning team, to bring equipment online in a safe, consistent manner in support of the overall IGCC project.

Role Accountabilities:

The Jazan IGCC Senior Machinery Engineer is accountable for taking ownership of the successful commissioning of the equipment assigned to them, and to work as part of the commissioning team to deliver tested and functional machinery systems to the facility operations. They may also have some over-sight responsibility for providing guidance to other less experienced machinery engineers.

Role Responsibilities:

Integral part of a dynamic team that sets the example for being leaders in safety during the construction, commissioning, and start-up stabilisation period bringing new assets on-line.

Part of a machinery engineering team to plan and prepare machinery systems for first time start-up

Where required contribute to the creation of commissioning procedures specific to the particular equipment you are assigned to.

Have a thorough understanding of basic pre-commissioning requirements, such as lube-flushing, alignment, nozzle loads, instrument checks and be able to communicate your requirements to field technicians.

Identify situations where more thorough commissioning activities may be required due to the design and criticality of the equipment.

Lead & execute specific commissioning test activities, such as performance measurement and surge testing.

Work alongside other discipline engineers (such as controls & process) to complete joint tasks such as verifying machine control systems & protective functions are thoroughly tested, and that the performance of the machine matches that of the process requirement.

Work cooperatively with machinery OEM representatives, to make sure their experience and requirements are taken into account, while also fulfilling the schedule needs of the IGCC project.

Regular meetings and liaising with commissioning leaders to make sure that your priorities, scheduling & planning is aligned with the overall commissioning plans.

As commissioning proceeds, the machinery commissioning role will gradually phase into a longer term reliability role with troubleshooting of machine problems that come to light. This will rely on a thorough understanding of mechanical theory to enable diagnosing more complex machine issues.


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