Subsequently, WFP Jordan intends to hire a Natural Resources Management Programme Policy Officer to lead on the design and implementation of integrated climate change adaptation actions. In particular, the National Officer focus will be on the following areas: 

(i)   the adaptive capacity of vulnerable farmers and pastoral communities, with a focus on women and youth.

(ii)   innovative climate-smart technologies and infrastructure investment for efficient water use;

(iii)   enabling access to relevant climate information service; 

(iv)   design and implement initiatives around livelihood diversification through training on value chains and marketing, 

(v)   enhancing the agricultural productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers, especially women

The selected candidate will be functioning as Activity 5 Manager (Provide tailored climate adaptive support to smallholder farmers, pastoral communities and institutions responsible for natural resources management.) She/he will report to the Strategic Outcome Manager responsible for the Climate portfolio within Programme Unit. 


KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

1.   Overseeing and leading the development of technical direction for WFP Jordan interventions, with a focus on natural resources management and climate change adaptation actions, ensuring high impact activities are delivered in accordance with project workplans.

2.   Providing climate-related advice and inputs into the implementation of WFP Jordan Country Strategic Plan (CSP) 2023-2027 and government policy/programme activities as and when appropriate.

3.   Support the definition of WFP Jordan value proposition in terms of integrated climate change adaptation actions and their relation to food security. 

4.   In consultation with various stakeholders, identify, conceptualize and implement appropriate integrated packages of activities for WFP’s climate change adaptation interventions. 

5.   Identifying climate financing opportunities and contribute to the process of developing concept notes and proposals for these funds, including the Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund as well as other multi/bilateral funding opportunities that may be identified at national, regional and/or global levels. 

6.   Advocating for WFP’s position vis a vis the Green Climate Fund (GCF)’s with National Designated Authority. 

7.   Strengthen the connection between WFP’s integrated climate change adaptation actions and other organizations’ projects and initiatives to optimize convergence, concentration, coverage and capacities and ultimately maximize the impact of our interventions. 

8.   Contribute to the evidence generation and climate actions outcome agenda, in close collaboration with the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, in order to measure the medium to long-term benefits of any future intervention, with a focus on sustainable impact, socio-economically and environmentally speaking. 

9.   Documenting and sharing best practices to support the advocacy of climate action and the replication and scale of successful climate interventions. This includes developing clear information products that speak to the rationale of climate risk management and/or adaptation, showcasing WFP and partner work, and adopting various communication formats to target different audiences with these products.

10.   Liaise with project implementing partners and undertake visits to monitor project activities in terms of implementation quality in order to ensure that progress is made against set targets and within the timeframe while validating compliance of partners with WFP’s policies, criteria and procedures.

11.   Actively work on integrating youth, gender and social inclusion strategies to promote gender equality and social and youth inclusion for integrated climate change adaptation programming. 

12.   Provide technical support and guidance to relevant WFP staff, coordinate, supervise and ultimately assure the quality of the work of Activity 5 that will be ultimately implemented by dedicated WFP Field Office staff and Cooperating Partners. 

13.   Actively contribute to national inter-agency processes and working groups related to natural resources management, climate change and livelihoods to ensure collaboration and alignment among agencies and national authorities. 

14.   Prepare evidence-based and story-telling reports and communication materials, conduct briefings on initiatives and projects, and organize after-action reviews and document lessons learnt and best practices in integrated climate change adaptation interventions. 

15.   Perform other related duties as required.


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