Subsequently, WFP Jordan intends to hire a Self-Reliance / Livelihood Programme Policy Officer to lead on the design, implementation, and oversight of the activities related to: 

(i)   Analysing the national labour market and building advocacy alliances aimed at creating a more efficient enabling environment. 

(ii)   Supporting Jordanians and Refugees with integrated livelihood packages aimed at enhancing employment and income-generation opportunities. 

(iii)   Jointly with UNHCR, managing an Information Management System able to assess and store refugees’ needs, skills, and opportunities. 

The selected candidate will be functioning as Activity 4 Manager (Building an interagency two-way referrals systems and an evidence-based advocacy strategy for refugees self-reliance and provide livelihood support package to targeted refugees and vulnerable Jordanians). She/he will report directly to the Strategic Outcome Manager responsible for the Refugees portfolio within Programme Unit. 


KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

Sustainability Agenda for Refugees Response

•   Proactively support the coordination with UNHCR Jordan on the Joint Sustainable Action Plan, the joint secretariat and to lead on the self-reliance workstream. 

•   Closely work with WFP staff leading on the provision of humanitarian assistance to Refugees; to ensure close linkages between humanitarian programming and the referral mechanism, advocacy and livelihood activities. 

•   Contribute to strategic development of linkages between humanitarian assistance and sustainable solutions for refugees, by creating the internal programmatic readiness as well as the engagement with external partners.

Two-Way Referral Mechanism

•   Act as the focal point for the two-way referral mechanism for WFP and represent WFP in the livelihood working group and other fora. 

•   Actively liaise with all potential and interested partners (NGOs, development actors, private sector) to utilise the referral mechanism for their recruitment of project participants/employment opportunities. 

•   Build new and nurture existing partnerships with other agencies, NGOs, development sector entities and the private sector.

•   Promote and advocate for the utilisation of the referral mechanism as well as coordinate the referrals requests jointly with UNHCR. 

Data Sharing Agreements

•   Support developing templates for data-sharing agreements including supporting the coordination with WFP regional and global experts. 

•   Support the data-sharing agreement process for WFP, ensuring relevant agreements are in place with participating 3rd parties and in coordination with UNHCR. 

Evidence-based Advocacy

•   Lead the data analytics (data mining) to identify skills and capabilities of the refugee population that can be translated into evidence-based advocacy messages to stakeholders. Extensive liaise with other relevant WFP units. 

•   Identify gaps in the data and develop solutions to address them, including but not limited to labour market analysis and data collection exercises.

•   Develop advocacy messages based on the results of the collected data, write strategic policy briefs and drive advocacy activities of WFP.

•   Coordinate and drive joint advocacy with UNHCR and other actors

Livelihood support package to targeted refugees and vulnerable Jordanians

•   Survey programmatic landscape (among others technical and vocational training, skill-building, financial literacy, job-matching, mentorship, incubation and seed-money support and access to user-centred financial services) of livelihood, financial inclusion, start-up and training landscape in Jordan to understand gaps and opportunities for WFP to partner with other organisations.

•   Develop an integrated livelihood support package for urban refugees and vulnerable Jordanians with a specific focus on women and youth that addresses identified gaps, to increase their access to employment and income-generation opportunities. 

•   Set up and lead partnerships for this programme.

•   Lead and conduct programme implementation and tracking, including developing the monitoring and evaluation framework under close coordination with WFP Units (M&E, Field Office,…)

•   Other relevant activities as required


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