QA QC Civil Inspector (NEOM Project)

To Assure all the quality documents has been done or made and documents are controlled as per project

standards and requirement

• To implement the quality control procedures including Method statements, ITP, Checklist, All kind of

testing etc. to project requirements.

• Reviewing and submission of Method statements submitted by Subcontractors.

• Reviewing of all logs like ITR, Method statement, material inspection, material testing logs including

steel, concrete, soil etc.

• Raising and submission of Inspection & Test Requests, Implementation of all quality documents to

project site

• All kind of site testing or lab testing for materials.

• Preparing and Reviewing ITRs for Payment milestone / Application.

• Manages the nonconformance issues to their Resolution in liaison with responsible party (Subcontractor

/ Vendor), reviews all inspection reports & maintains them in a manner.

• Follow up for NCRs and NNCs, close out raised by Engineer.

• Primary inspection during execution works, to ensure the ongoing works as per approved MS approved

drawings and project specifications.

• To check all materials delivered on-site, to ensure received materials in accordance with relevant order,

standards &specifications.

• Raising MIRs to the consultant check, to verify the material delivered on-site as per approved MARs

(Material approval Request), project standards and specifications.

• Inspection for snags/punch list preparation with Engineer, it’s closure, documentation and approval.

• To ensure the project document has been prepared according to project requirements and approved by


• Preparation of As-built documentation and site records for final handover

• Key internal interaction with: the Engineer’s site team.

• Key external interaction with Department / Project teams


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