Objective of Post

To provide support in research activities, carry out relevant analysis, and organize and archive the Department’s technical information.

Objective of Department


The Energy Economics and Forecasting Department (EEFD) is responsible for monitoring, analysing and forecasting medium- to long-term energy developments. EEFD undertakes in-depth studies on demand and supply, energy and natural gas markets, and industry; develops modelling tools and conducts model-based studies; prepares the annual GECF Global Gas Outlook; contributes to elaborating the GECF Long-Term Strategy; monitors and reports on economic, energy, trade, environmental, and fiscal policy developments; and analyses technology progress from an economic            perspective. The EEFD also cooperates with the other Secretariat structures to  undertake joint activities required to fulfil the objectives of the GECF and/or to support  Member Countries, in particular in communication, energy dialogue and multilateral negotiations.

Main duties & responsibilities

1.      Supports the analysts of the Department in research activities and carries out the analysis as required.

2.      Uses the Global Gas Model as required.

3.      Supports the benchmarking process of the Global Gas Model datasets.

4.      Monitors and summarises energy policy developments.

5.      Manages research information resources, including identification and selection of sources of information.

6.      Supports preparations of the Department’s events, such as webinars, expert meetings and publication launch events.

7.      Prepares technical meetings summaries.

8.      Reviews, proofreads, organises, and compiles documents prepared by analysts.

9.      Organises and archives the Department’s technical information.

10.  Carries out any other tasks assigned to him/her by his/her relevant supervisors, Secretary General or EEFD Head, as pertaining to his/her background, qualifications and position.


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