Job Description

Rolling Operators (Cold Mill , Hot Mill , and Can Recycling) 

Job Overview:

  • Responsible to operate the Tandem Cold Mill from pay-off walking beam up to the exit walking beam through the mill to ensure that mill equipment is working according to quality and operation requirements and ensure the dimensional accuracy of the rolled products. Operate various controls and equipment of the CRM operations and monitors all stages of mill operation to ensure standard quality and operating practices and guidelines are followed. Minimize unit downtime and takes steps to improve performance of facility equipment in coordination with maintenance team. Comply with all the EHS Policies, Procedures, SWIs and SOPs. Submit reports on performance/investigation when requested.
  • The incumbent is also required to conduct all safety and equipment monitoring actions applicable to his role to prevent safety and environmental, and equipment incidents.


  • Takes reasonable care for his health and safety in the workplace. He must also take reasonable care for the health and safety of others who may be affected by what he does or does not do.
  • Coordinates with EHS team about any action they take to comply with the EHS act or regulations.
  • Complies with all the agreed occupational health, safety, and environmental regulations in order to protect people and physical assets.
  • Ensures proper housekeeping in concerned work areas, so that work can be carried out safely and effectively.
  • Contributes to near miss and incident reporting.
  • Contributes to Quality and EHS Audits.
  • Achieve the target for production tonnage
  • Achieve the target yield
  • Achieve the target quality
  • Reduce the rejection rate
  • Reduce the quality defects
  • Ensures that the area is responsible in compliance with environmental regulations and company guidelines.
  • Responsible for investigation reporting of significant incidents if necessary and required a support from CRU Team.
  • Interact with all relevant Supplier, with emphasis on major concern especially TCM logistic. Other local authorities if required and necessary.

Pay-Off Section

  • Ensure the proper selection by verifying the coil number, width, thickness, quality of winding edge cut and
  • position of head end before or while loading the coil on to the walking beam saddle numbers 1 and 2.
  • Remove the strapping band on saddle for coil feeding purposes.
  • Ensure proper feeding of coil on to the pay-off reel mandrel.
  • Ensure all the equipment in pay-off section is meeting the pre-conditions for auto threading and auto
  • rolling of first pass.
  • Ensure timely removal of used strapping bands and scrap.
  • Make frequent checks of pay-off reel area for smooth operation.
  • Inform Shift Supervisor regarding any problem pertaining to pay-off reel area equipment to avoid the
  • delay.
  • Ensure the proper take-over from the previous shift and handing over to the following shift operator of
  • pay-off reel section.
  • Perform additional tasks as directed by the Shift Operations, Supervisor

Mill Section

  • Ensure the quickest feeding of coil head end into exit reel for 1st pass threading in the belt wrapper mode.
  • Check the blow off nozzles effectiveness.
  • Ensure to identify the blockage emulsion nozzles during the spray header nozzle test and inform to the
  • shift supervisor.
  • Assist the other team members for quick work and back up rolls change.
  • Make sure the properly ground and assembled work rolls with roll tags are kept on the roll changing car by
  • taking out old rolls prior to roll change to avoid delay.
  • Perform additional tasks as directed by the Shift Supervisor.
  • Ensure good standard of housekeeping in the mill section area.
  • He shall be qualified and licensed to operate crane for transferring W/R and BUR.

Exit Walking Beam

  • Ensure the proper identification number is marked on each cold rolled coil coming out of mill.
  • Ensure the automatic coil typing machine is working properly.
  • Perform additional tasks as directed by the Shift Supervisor.

Job Details

Job Location
Saudi Arabia

Company Industry
Human Resources Outsourcing

Company Type
Employer (Private Sector)

Job Role

Employment Type
Full Time Employee

Monthly Salary Range

Number of Vacancies

Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience
Min: 5


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